Uplifting and fun events this weekend!

Are you looking for something to do that will not only occupy your time but will uplift, educate and inspire you?  Come check out our events this weekend!  Something for everyone!  Click the images below to learn more and preregister.


Maitri Arvada (64th & Ward). Experience the Ancient Eastern breathing practice that clears blocks and removes stagnant energy. As you release old  patterns, you are able to transmute them by coming into the way of the heart.  Heart consciousness is facilitated through Cacao as you center into the seat of your soul and find your bliss.


Maitri Arvada (64th & Ward). We are all familiar with the physical form of asana and proper body alignment. Yet, we all also know there is more to a pose than meets the eye. This workshop will dive deep into the “what else” of our inverted postures to discover inner alignment just as much as outer alignment.  We will focus on common arm balances and hip openers and save time for lesser known postures we want to develop.

Maitri Arvada (64th & Ward). The yamas and niyamas are about being honest with ourselves and helping us see the connection of all things in the present moment. Living these principles will empower us and can change us in the present moment. Come learn about a new way to view your world.

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