Class Descriptions

At Maitri Yoga we want to offer a variety of classes to serve you and your needs.  The descriptions below are grouped to help you find what you are looking for and to learn about the distinctions between various classes.  If you have questions you can email the founder, Mindy, at or call her at 303.653.2010.  We are here to serve and take great care of you!
*With our schedule and relatively small center, it is highly suggested that you register for your classes in advance to ensure a space for your practice. – Not required but much appreciated.
The symbols are meant to help you find the classes that are right for you.   classes are beginner friendly and/or restorative,  classes are open to all levels, ● classes are active, some experience suggested

Foundations/Beginner Yoga PracticesFoundations-of-Yoga-and-Breathing

Foundations of Yoga + Breathing ♥
Expect to gain confidence and more clarity in your personal yoga practice.  Discover what makes yoga so wonderful and have the room to ask questions and really learn a foundation of yoga that can take you forward for years to come. This class will introduce students to postures, breathing techniques, alignment and meditation. It combines warm-ups, foundational yoga postures, focused breath work and a guided relaxation to reduce stress and increase overall well-being. Although designed with the beginner in mind, this class is excellent for experienced yogis who want to deepen their practice and learn more about the detailed intricacies of alignment in postures and breathing.


Classical PracticesSeated-Side-Bends

Hatha Yoga ∞

A hatha class can take many forms, allowing for creativity and authenticity. The student will benefit by learning diverse asana (posture) practices, breathing techniques (pranayamas), philosophy, and self-introspection/meditation. All levels of practitioners are welcomed.  Benefits of this class include developing balance and focus, body awareness, reducing stress, loving yourself, connecting to your body, mind and spirit, improving your outlook on life, healing injuries and ailments and so much more!

Meditative Hatha ♥ 

Weaving together diverse asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy, Meditative Hatha offers students a creative practice that builds inner and outer strength. Appropriate for all levels, this class offers a balance of mindful flow sequences along with an emphasis on alignment and breath through longer-held postures. Students will learn how to cultivate self-awareness and flexibility in fun and creative ways.


Sacred Sunday Flow ∞

Weaving together diverse asana, pranayama and yoga philosophy, Sacred Sunday Flow offers students a creative practice that builds inner and outer strength. Each Sunday we will explore Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the various Hindu deities through storytelling while offering advance postures to those interested while supporting the beginner as well. This class offers all practitioners a rich experience of dropping into a still and sacred place by inspiring focused awareness on the breath and inner light of wisdom. Students will learn how to cultivate self-awareness and flexibility in fun and creative ways.

Yoga of the Heart ♥ 

It all starts from the heart. This is a class that develops the devotional path to oneness with the Inner Self through the language of the heart, mantra. It is about opening the heart and connecting to deep love from within as well as universal love. In this class, we will explore some of the more devotional yogic practices of mantra, meditation, and pranayama. Come prepared to gently move and open the body and connect deeply with yourself!

Meditation ∞

Come experience what the original purpose of your yoga asana practice was meant for – meditation. This class will help you learn specific meditation techniques that will calm the mind, bring focus to your life and reduce stress.


Restorative Yoga PracticesSavasana-6

Restorative Bliss♥ ∞

Relax and release are two words you can expect to hear often in this class. We will focus on restorative postures incorporating an abundance of props to provide comfort and nurturing. Restorative yoga greatly relieves stress and tension from the body, while benefiting your health on a holistic level. The class will incorporate meditation and light asana (postures) with more focus on relaxing into restorative postures that are held for several minutes. This class develops the essence of bliss within your life so that it may be carried both on and off your mat. This class will leave you feeling restored to your natural state of peace.

Restore + Yoga Nidra ♥ ∞

Practiced as a powerful relaxation technique for more than a thousand years, yoga nidra (or “yogic sleep”) reduces stress, enhances resilience, and fosters a deep sense of wholeness. Through a guided process of conscious relaxation and meditation, you will have a profound experience of rest, peace and integration within your body, mind, and breath, increasing your natural healing capacity and creating greater ease of well-being. This class includes some breath work (pranayama), gentle movement to encourage blood circulation, and a luxurious rest period using blankets and bolsters to support the body.

Supported-Savasana-2Candlelight Restorative ♥ 

The candlelight restorative class is a deeply tranquil and revitalizing practice designed to relieve fatigue and stress, promote well-being, and bring healing balance into your life.  Only 5-6 restorative poses are practiced per class.  We will use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body.  When supported with props, the body feels nurtured and supported allowing it to unwind and open, releasing tension and stored-up toxins that can cause illness. Let stress and tension melt away and connect with a deep sense of peace and relaxation.  The class is slow, deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages and abilities – particularly those with chronic pain or limitations.  Practiced with the ambiance of candlelight.

Yin/Restore ♥ ∞

Restorative Yin Yoga offers you an opportunity to surrender, slow down, and find balance in your life.  We primarily focus on floor poses that are held with muscles relaxed for 3-5 minutes.  Holding the postures will gently and deeply stretch connective tissue of the lower back, hips, spine, and legs. As we slowly work into the connective tissue of your body, you will find more freedom and mobility in your joints. The result is greater ease, comfort, and flexibility in all of your activities.  We focus on the breath, being present in the moment, relieving tension, and letting go.  The Yin practice includes powerful mental and emotional benefits as you become quiet, still, and mindful of the present moment.  Yin Yoga greatly compliments your more active (Yang) yoga practices and activities.

Yin & Yoga Nidra ♥ ∞

Combining low-effort, restorative yin postures with the deep “yogic sleep” of Yoga Nidra, this class reduces stress, enhances resilience, and fosters a profound sense of peace. Through a guided process of conscious relaxation and meditation following a series of supported yin poses, we create integration and neutrality in the body, mind and breath. This class includes some breath work (pranayama) and a long, comfortable savasana. low to Medium intensity – Simple – Slow pace


Vinyasa/Flow Yoga Practices

Mindful Flow ♥ ∞

Mindful Flow is a rich experience in deep alignment of mind, breath and body through creative asana sequences. Students will develop strength, focus and body-wisdom through rhythmic movement, alignment with breath, and meditation in motion. Offering a slightly slower pace during flow sequences, this heart-centered practice is appropriate for all levels.

Vinyasa Flow ∞

Vinyasa is a method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with an intentional breath rhythm. The intelligence of the breath teaches us to be fully present in our yoga practice and ultimately in our lives.  Linking the power of the breath to the movement of our bodies develops focus and concentration allowing stress to be released.  This class will inspire you to explore your potential (physically, emotionally, and mentally).  Tap into the joy within your heart and experience your true strength.

Active Flow ∞ ●


This Vinyasa class follows the traditional essence of flow by connecting our movement with the breath; however you will experience a higher level of intensity that keeps you sweating! Ideal for those who like a more physically active practice to deeply purify the body and sharpen the mind. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Intermediate Flow ∞ ●

An intermediate yoga student is one who gracefully moves through postures both on the mat and in life with a steady mind.  This class is designed for those who are ready to deepen their practice by connecting meditation (steady mind) to more complicated transitions between uncommonly taught postures. Become the master of your practice with this invigorating class that immerses you in the rhythm asana and meditation. Previous yoga experience is recommended.


Active Yoga Practices

Strength & Stretch ∞ ●

Through powerful postures, movement and breath, this is a practice that increases strength, stamina, flexibility and overall well-being of body. Designed with the active Colorado yogi in mind, this class helps train the body AND mind to overcome internal barriers to greater achievement, on and off the mat. This class is appropriate for practitioners with some experience. Invite your body to move beyond your everyday activities to create strength and flexibility from tip to toe! Expect to work hard and laugh often!

Active Flow ∞ ●

Intermediate Flow ∞ ●

(see descriptions above for the two flow classes.)


Specialized Yoga Practices


Prenatal Yoga ♥ ∞

This class is perfect for women who are pregnant, their partners, and anyone who would enjoy a slower paced mindful practice focusing on graceful movements, breath work, short meditations and getting in touch with your body, mind, spirit (and baby). Prenatal Yoga calms the mind and prepares the body to carry your baby with greater ease.  It is helpful at delivery time because you will know how to use your body, breath, and mind together to relax during the birthing process.  Plus, you get to know other wonderful mamas that are like minded in body, mind and spirit.

Moms Circle & Yoga ∞

This class is designed specifically for moms, especially new and little ones.  We come together in community to share and support one another, which is vital as you head down this path of motherhood.  Whether you are going through good times or tough times this class is here to support you and help you regain a sense of balance and wholeness. The yoga practice will help you regain your shape, strength, energy and feel more centered with this class developed to focus on healing the body after pregnancy and realigning it from the stresses of mothering your new baby and children. We will focus on feel good postures that will focus on the chest, shoulders, neck, back, and hips. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with this fun and inviting class. Babies are welcome to join us, yet it is late enough to encourage the moms to leave the baby at home with dad.  (He’ll do just fine.;0)

Mommy & Me Yoga